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the Dump

Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

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Thought I dump some stuff in my brain today.  Maybe it will help me work through some stuff.

  • Want to redefine our vision for our LifeKIDS volunteer team.   Focus more on the fact that they’re part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Connecting the dots of ministry.  What is our missions ministry doing that our youth ministry needs to be intimately involved with?  What is youth doing that kids could significantly contribute to?  Breaking the silos down needs constant attention and communication.
  • What does my communication look like to a parent from Child Dedication (infant) to 2 years old (when curriculum begins for a LifeKID)?   What can I build into these parents in the interim?  What suggested tools can I put in front of them to establish habits in their home?
  • How can I make Thursday mornings less stressful on my kids?  :)

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Celebrating Wins_the ‘Hole’ I keep stepping in…

Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Leadership, Team Building, Volunteers


If you were to have a moment with any of the people I lead (staff or volunteers) you would learn far more about me than this blog reveals.

Though I know that statement doesn’t shock anyone, I think it’s worth stating. Please don’t be deceived by the ‘me’ represented on this blog. It’s only a part of who I am… as a leader, as a parent, as a wife, as a Christ-follower. It only tells part of the story.  And typically the parts that make me look good.

Now that that’s out of the way. Can we get a little ‘real’ here?

I stink at celebrating.

I mean I’m really bad at it.

I’m spending some intentional time asking why I don’t celebrate well… why I move past events, accomplishments or moments of success so quickly. For years I’ve blamed it on ‘drivenness’.

“I’m just driven. That’s in the rear-view mirror. There’s more to do. Let’s charge ahead!”

Though that may be true, the problem is I fail to take a moment to honor those around me who gave above and beyond expectation. I fail to recognize those who brought organization, creativity, clarity, focus or fun to the process. I fail to embrace the people that came together merging their individual talents to create an unbelievable team.

And this failure of mine is too big to ignore. This ‘hole’ I keep stepping in is a hindrance to my ability to lead for 3 reasons:

What’s Rewarded is Repeated
It’s a classic truth that we learned as toddlers… whether we realized it or not. A parent learns that if they want a certain behavior repeated, they reward it. You may not remember your personal potty training journey, but I would suggest that the majority of this reading audience was potty trained using some sort of reward. Do I need to go into further detail here?

Translating such a timeless truth to my leadership context today… when I take time to reward and recognize a great act, I have a far greater chance that act will be repeated. Not just by the person I recognized… but by others around them that want to be recognized too!

Recognize those who are doing what you want to see everyone doing.

Recognition Increases Buy In
When I sincerely recognize someone’s hard work… creative idea… extra effort… I gain a little more of their heart. People want to know they are doing a good job. And we help them to know when and how they are doing by recognizing their efforts and celebrating their wins.

The critical part of this exercise is the sincerity. It doesn’t work if you aren’t sincere. If you can’t be sincere… don’t say anything.

Celebration Creates Unity
Celebration creates synergy. Synergy creates momentum. And any coach knows… teams with momentum win. Teams that celebrate increase scores on the scoreboard.

It’s one thing for the leader to recognize a great job. It’s another level of health when members of the team celebrate each other.

So, here is where you can help me.

What have you found successful?
Leave a comment below and help make me a better leader. :) 


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