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photo by headexplodie

photo by headexplodie

Do you have someone to talk to?  Someone you can trust?  Someone that would agree to pray for you… then really do it?

Have they seen the skeletons in your closet?

Many people have ‘accountability’ where they share 90% of what’s going on.  But they hold back 10%.  It’s the 10% that will take you down.

Do you have honest, open accountability in your life?  If not… you’re a sitting duck.


  1. a) true statements.
    b) even better visual illustration

    how many people should you have in your life that you share the 100% with?
    just one “someone” or should we have multiple sources of accountability?
    would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Great question, Anthony.

    Personally, I have one that knows everything. That one is my deepest level of accountability relationship. There isn't one area of my life that she isn't familiar with.

    But I have others that are not as intimate yet they are critical accountability. Of the things we discuss, I trust these friends to deal with me honestly and invite them to speak into my life and refine me. For example, I have accountability in my office. One person who has an open invitation to call me to the carpet when they observe my words or actions as inappropriate. Another is more leadership oriented and she has an open invitation to speak into my perspective and thoughts.

    Each person brings different strengths to the relationship. All of which refine me and help me get elevation so I don't drown in my own junk. :)

  3. I have a great desire for this relationship but am really struggling with how to find that person. I really struggle with feeling like I will be a stumbling block for someone else. I really don't feel free to be open and honest. Especially about issues in my church. Somehow that feels like dirty laundry that is to be kept “in the family” you know? Any thoughts or suggestions?

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