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Free Book – The Devil In Your Garden

Posted by on Jan 8, 2010 in Product Reviews

I’m sorting through books today trying to lighten the load.  This is tough for me.

I love books.

And I’ve got loads of them.

But I’m tired of overflowing basket next to my bed that I keep adding to, but never taking away.  According to one of my favorite shows, Clean House… that’s a sin of “mayhem and foolishness”.

So I’m sorting through my books deciding which ones I can part with when I uncovered a book written by my friend, Natalie Witcher.  A woman I highly respect.  I worked with her husband at LifeChurch.tv for a few years and frankly his family is cool.  They’re the real deal.

Natalie published her book, The Devil In Your Garden, in 2007.  It’s a great read about healing from shame.  Here’s a snippet from the back cover…

Shame makes its way in our lives like a snake slithering its way in a garden.  It is vicious and no respecter of persons.  Where did it all come from?  Why is it such a cancer in our hearts, in our minds?  What’s the deal here?  Why are we paralyzed and afraid?  Our soul cries, “Something’s got to give!”  Something did.  Some One did.

I love the way Natalie frames a situation.  She has a unique way of laughing at herself and finding joy in the smallest of circumstances.  After reading the book I stuck it in my basket next to my bed.  Each time I come across it I’m tempted to toss it in the Salvation Army pile but can never bring myself to toss out a book written by a friend.  Coming across it today, I had the same sentimental thought.  But then, it occurred to me that if Natalie were standing there she’d say,

Toss it out, sister.  It’ll land in someone’s hands.  And they need to read it, that’s for dang sure.

I’m taking liberties with quoting Nat.  Who knows if that’s how she would phrase it.  Either way, she’d laugh at the idea of me hanging onto it for so long.

So I figure I’ll give it away here.  If you’d like a copy of Natalie’s book (and trust me… you do), you can buy it new here or leave me a comment below and maybe you can win my used copy.  I’ll be back tomorrow and announce the grand recipient.

Congratulations Kimberley!  Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the book.

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Free Book!

Posted by on Jul 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Who doesn’t love Free!

crazy love bookThrough the end of July you can download a free audio copy of Francis Chan’s latest book, Crazy Love.

If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend suspending your current read and picking this one up.  The audio is read by Chan himself.  You’ll get more out of it than you bargain.

So download here, enjoy and spread the word.

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Posted by on Jun 24, 2009 in Uncategorized


Reading Habitudes #4 by Dr Tim Elmore.

Dr. Elmore shares a story about a man who encounters 3 people doing the same job yet totally different perspectives.  All 3 men are working to build this monumental building.  All 3 men have the same task before them.  Bricklaying.  Yet here are their answers to one very simple question…

“What are you doing?”

Worker #1 says,

“I’m laying brick.”

Worker #2 says,

“I’m earning a paycheck.”

Worker #3 says,

“I’m building a cathedral.”

All 3 men are performing the same task.  All 3 statements are true.  Yet one perspective is dramatically different from the rest.

When I think of my ministry, I would love to have a team of volunteers that think like worker #3.  We’re not just handing out bulletins, collecting offering buckets, coloring with a 3 year old, or leading a bible study.  We’re actively building the Church.

As a ministry leader and/or volunteer… how can we affect ones perspective helping those we lead to see the bigger picture rather than focusing on the smaller task?

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“Help! I’m a leader trapped in a woman’s body!”

Posted by on May 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

I wish I could claim that statement.  But it’s not mine.  You’ll find it here…

Help! I'm a Leader Trapped in a Woman's Body: The Art of Leading As a Woman in the Church

This week I’m participating in a book study of Nancy Beach’s book, Gifted to Lead.  This is a rich book addressing the challenges of women in ministry leadership.  It’s well presented and I highly recommend the read.

If you’re a woman in ministry (volunteer or paid) or if you’re a man working with women ministry (volunteer or paid)… grab this book, dig in and have a rich conversation.  It will be well worth your time.

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Words Kids Need to Hear – 6 of 7

Posted by on Mar 23, 2009 in Ministry, Product Reviews

Nearing the end of my notes from David Staal’s book, Words Kids Need to Hear.  Here is #6 of 7 things my kids need to hear from me.



Here are my takeaways…

  • Be the Adult, Care Too Much:  While a kid typically won’t enjoy the limitations that come his way, their existence will help him feel secure.  The reason:  he knows that someone cares for him and stands committed to his well-being.
  • Be Willing to Do Something:  The average parent reminds a child nine times before taking action.  When your action follows the ninth request, you teach the child that he can ignore the first eight.
  • Know How to Resist:  Consider how many decisions are made, or not made, because a parent fears a child’s reaction
  • Sunday school teachers or youth ministry workers face a real temptation to tolerate otherwise inappropriate behavior in an effort to appear cool to their charges and thereby win acceptance – in the name of ministry, of course.
  • Betsy Hart says, “If we do not train our children as youngsters to appropriately submit to our loving authority, if instead we train their hearts in rebellion, then how will they be able to one day submit to the authority of their heavenly father?  Practically speaking, this means our children have to actually hear the word ‘no’.”

This was a great chapter for me to read.  Though I believe I have a good grasp on discipline in my home, I can see where I’ve allowed areas to slip.  Where my inaction has given my kids perceived permission.  I want my kids to learn how to obey their heavenly father.  I want the gap between knowing His will and acting on His will to be very short.

Here is the question that rings in my mind…

Is my “no” respected and effective?

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