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God has a sense of humor…

Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Community, Ministry

We all know it’s true!

Yesterday I blogged about getting involved in the ‘messy’ side of ministry. Working an event at the church tonight. A woman randomely walks in. The event was not advertised publicly so I’m confident she did not know something was happening that night. I believe she saw the lights on and figured it was a safe place to stop. We fed her, gave her hot coffee and spent a few minutes talking with her. No heroic moves by any standard… but nice to stop and chat with someone that I might otherwise overlook.

I wonder where she is right now… God, protect her.

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The fly

Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Community

I’m a fly.

A silly, tiny, clueless fly that flitters around a window banging against it knowing that freedom lies on the other side of the glass but absolutely powerless to get there.

I know freedom is found in Jesus. I know the fresh, sweet breath of Christ is found on my knees. But I continue to beat against that window that seperates me from freedom in Christ insisting that maybe one more body slam will break through this barrier.

Won’t happen. I need my Savior to show me the crack. The little hole to slip through where freedom, peace and life are found.

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Kidmin Volunteers: The Power of Team

Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Leadership, Ministry

Lately we’ve seen some amazing connections occur within the volunteer team in fpKIDS.  It’s always amazing to me to be a part of a ministry that fosters relationships and connects people around a common cause.

We’ve spent the past year rebuilding our volunteer team within our Preschool Ministry at the Pellissippi Campus as Faith Promise Church.  With the launch of our first multi-site in October 2010, we sent out the former Preschool Director, Mia Hannahs, and a large number of strong volunteers to launch that campus.  As a result, the Blount Campus has been a great success from the beginning.

However, the shift in leadership within the Preschool volunteer team at Pellissippi took it’s toll.  The core of volunteer leadership remained strong within the team but (as with any shift in leadership) some of our volunteers on the periphery found this as an exit opportunity.

The depletion to the team was a struggle for several months.  But with a ton of inviting, we’re watching this team grow and gain health.  The cool thing is seeing the number of people joining the team as a result of an invitation that came from another volunteer.  I look around many times and the people I see are not faces I’ve recruited.  But they came as a result of a volunteer inviting their friend to join them in ministry.  I love that.

Currently, I’ve got a team of volunteers that serve in our 3-year old room.  Some serve on Saturday night while others serve at our Sunday, 11:45 service.  One team member is out of commission right now as she recovers from complications from surgery.  The beauty is watching this group work together to ensure that our Saturday night team and Sunday 11:45 team are covered while they’re “one man down”.

It’s a gift to get to work with volunteers that see the vision of what they do and know the ministry they steward.

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I’m excited about Halloween!

Posted by on Oct 31, 2011 in Community, Ministry

Several years ago God struck me with a thought…

If my church were to disappear today, would my community feel the loss?

Dig deeper…

If my family moved, would my neighborhood feel the loss?

This question sits with me all the time.  Aside from a different group of kids playing in the cul-de-sac… or a different set of cars pulling in and out of the driveway… beyond that, would our neighborhood notice a difference if our family moved away?

Would they lose a family that is a source of encouragement to them?  Would they lose a neighbor willing to pick up their mail, bring them cookies, watch their kids while they run errands or just hang out and talk over a cup of coffee?

Tonight is an exciting night for my family.  My kids are excited about dressing up as warriors and Indian princesses.  My husband and I are excited about the opportunity tonight holds.  As families roam the neighborhood we get the chance to meet more of our neighbors.  People that typically escape into their homes every night are more willing to be out and about tonight.  People whose social walls are often up as the evening agenda doesn’t allow for hang time with neighbors.  Tonight, the agenda is to visit every house with a porch light on.

Our porch light won’t just be on… we’ll be camped out on the driveway ready for kids and parents to walk by.  We’ll have candy, smiles and handshakes ready as we get the chance to simply love people.

As believers in Christ, we are the church and we are called to love people.  So, tonight is a great chance to do so.  Run and buy some candy, turn on your porch light and love the community God placed you in.

Here’s a post I wrote last year about Halloween.  Is it evil?  Should Christians avoid it?  Great questions.  Here’s what I think.

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The Beauty of Ministry

Posted by on Feb 18, 2010 in Ministry, My Life

Moments like this.  One of my LifeKIDS gave me this poem at a going away party before leaving Oklahoma.

Made me smile.

I’m sorry you are leaving,

I wish that you could stay.

I’m sorry you are leaving

I wish that we could play.

I’m sad that you are leaving,

I wish you could stay home.

I’m sorry that you’re leaving,

please call me on the phone.

Before she left she stopped and asked me,

If you see Mylie Cyrus in Tennessee, will you call me?

I promised her I would.  🙂

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