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“Every moment is a…

Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Ministry, My Life, Parenting

…teachable moment.”

That’s what I was always told. And I believed it for a long time. That’s why conversation at the dinner table looks a little like this…

Keegan: “I had the most FUN at Enrichment Class today!”

Mom: “Really, honey. Don’t talk with food in your mouth. So, what did you do?”

Keegan (swallowing): “We builded this cool tower out of these fat, flat sticks.”

Mom: “The word is ‘built’, buddy. Not builded. That’s cool. Do you mean you used tongue depressors?”

Keegan: “No, mom. They were flat, fat sticks.”

Mom (chuckling): “They are tongue depressors, son.”

Keegan: “Oh”

Everyone returns to their meal. Keegan is corrected in the proper etiquette of table manners, and the correct term for those ‘flat, fat sticks’. But we heard nothing about how the tower was built, why he enjoyed making it so much and what else he thought he could make with those ‘fat, flat sticks’.

Not every moment is a teachable moment. Sometimes you just need to let things slide. Would you enjoy talking to someone that constantly corrected you? Probably not.

Kids give you numerous opportunities to teach them.

Pace yourself.

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Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

God has a way of stopping me in my tracks. 

Thankfully I’m a little better at listening. 

A little.

It’s been a rough few months in ministry.  And it’s beginning to wear on me.  Much of the stress is surfacing and my ability to fend it off is diminished. 

It’s a road I’ve traveled before and thankfully I recognize the signs.  But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s wearing on me.

Today God stopped me in my tracks.  I had my plans.  My schedule… and it was full.  Full of all the ministry ‘things’ that must be accomplished so that I shine as a ministry leader.  That’s my problem.

Leaving my first appointment of the day, I walk to my car only to find a flat tire. 

“I can do this”, trying to convince myself.

I don’t freak out.  I know how to change a tire.  My dad showed me when I was 16.  (I’m almost 36… it’s been a while) 

But I don’t think the point of the excercise is to freshen up my tire changing skillz.  I think the point is God is asking me to stop and define a few things. Stuff like…

  • ministry work vs. ‘busy’ work
  • tasks He’s handed me vs. tasks I’ve contrived for myself
  • the Holy Spirit prompting me vs. my own concieted, people-pleasing, self-gratifying heart leading me

He has a way of stopping me in my tracks… literally.  Because He knows I won’t hear Him any other way. 

So, I’m listening now, Lord.


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Confessions of a Growing Leader

Posted by on Sep 16, 2009 in Leadership, My Life

One of the biggest mistakes a leader can make is…

Riding the coattails of past success.

A classic mistake.  And I made it yesterday.

Sobering, Embarassing and Humbling to look back on now.  I cringe to recall it and wish I could erase it.

Walking into a meeting with respected leaders in my organization and I failed to prepare.  Why?

I thought I could ‘wing it’.  I thought more of my past success and not enough of the future challenges that lie ahead.

big. mistake.

Past success can set you up for future success but it will not guarantee it.  Past success can create momentum to propel you to a new level.  But if you treat it like a wave to ride and not a wind to boost, your feet stop moving.  When your feet aren’t moving the forward momentum from your past success knocks you right. on. your. face.

That’s where I found myself yesterday.  About 12:45 CST.


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#jesuslovesyou book review #2

Posted by on Sep 14, 2009 in Product Reviews

jlyouSo, last week I shared my initial thoughts on Craig Gross and Jason Harper’s latest book, Jesus Loves You.

Here is what I’ve processed since that time:

  • We’re all on a journey of surrendering our hearts to God
  • The process of surrender will look different in everybody’s life
  • The fruits of the Spirit are evidence of God’s work.  I need to focus on the fruit in my life
  • More and more pastors are willing to take on ‘sexy’ topics like homosexuality, pornography, etc, etc.  They’ll back up their stance with scripture.  But few are willing to go so far as to befriend, counsel, and love those who choose these lifestyles.  And yet, we all agree that relationships lead to more permanent life-transformation than sermons.

There you go.  My thoughts 1 week after completing the book Jesus Loves You.  There’s more to digest simply b/c there is more for me to examine in my own life.  I appreciate Craig and Jason’s goal to challenge the way the ‘Church’ views those from which they have historically distance themselves.

So, who wants my copy?

Entering your name in a drawing to win my copy of the book, is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Subscribe to www.ginamcclain.com
  2. Find my tweet @gina_mcclain offering the “Free #jesuslovesyou book” & ReTweet it (or paste into your Facebook status update)
  3. Post a comment right here stating “I have subscribed, re-tweeted, commented and was referred here by @(fill in the twitter name) or blog address

**Winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, Sept 17th.  The more times your name shows up in the comments, your chances to win increase

Winner is Mike Kelly!  Thanks for participating.  Congratulations Mike!  Enjoy the book, then pass it along.

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Is the church a jalopy?

Posted by on May 13, 2009 in Orange

I attended Chuck Bomar’s breakout about College Ministries at the Orange Conference.

I learned a lot and have many notes to digest.  Today I only want to focus on two statements that I’m still chewing on…

80% of young adults at 18 yrs old walk away from the church even after years of faithful attendance growing up.

80% of young adults 18-23 yrs old believe they have a personal responsibility to meet the needs of those less fortunate.

Interesting to me that people who feel such responsibility to clothe the naked and feed the hungry are walking away from the vehicle God intended for those actions.

Are you making a connection?

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