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Confessions of a Christ-follower – No.584

Posted by on May 21, 2015 in My Life

I have baggage.

Most of us do.

I can remember in high school & college some of my friends joking about how much their parents played worship music or the equivalent to KLOVE constantly in their home.  In fact my friends weren’t allowed to listen to anything mainstream.  It was totally banned in their home.  From my perspective at that time, these parents were irrelevant and disconnected from the world around them.

I can remember internally vowing to not be that parent.

Fast forward a few decades…

Worship music keeps my stress level down.  In a season where there seems more to do than time will allow, my tension level can creep up faster than I realize.  Listening to songs that refocus my attention on God goes a long way toward keeping my head in the right place.  But I noticed something odd yesterday.  A familiar thought pattern that I’ve never taken note of before.

I started questioning whether I was playing my worship music too much.

Will this warp my kids?

Will I turn into one of those parents?

Will this lead to watching Gaither Reunion reruns on TBN?  (I’m not a hater… just not a fan.)

To be fair, I think the bigger issue with my college friends was that they grew up listening to stuff their parents connected with… but they didn’t.  Their impression of “Christian” music was poor because they’d never heard stuff they liked.  The snippets of music they heard from mainstream radio drew them in… what they heard constantly in their home did not.  So the draw for mainstream music increased while the love for worship music disappeared.

I don’t want my kids to grow up in a world of irrelevance.  I don’t want them to fear things in this world in an unhealthy way.

I want them to have an appropriate reverence for the things of God.  To value the things that focus their attention on Him.  To recognize the things that draw their attention away from God, and limit (if not eliminate) their influence.

Does this mean my kids will never be allowed to listen to mainstream radio?  No

It just means we’ll teach the value of what worship music does that mainstream music does not.

It means we’ll talk about the impact this music has on our personal relationship with our Savior.

It means we won’t assume our kids will love our music.  But instead we’ll need to explore together to discover the music they connect with best.

Thanks for the therapy session.  I can drop that baggage now.  🙂

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The Song Stuck in my Head

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Ministry, Product Reviews

Without a doubt, one of my favorite Kidmin artists is Yancy.  Not only does she have an incredible voice but she’s got an incredible heart for leading others to worship Christ.

Yancy released her latest project, Jesus Music Box, last week.  You can catch a glimpse here and order your copy here.

You don’t want to miss this one.

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Kidmin Crack

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Ministry

I read a great blog post last week by Joy Bowen at her new site KidzPraise.com.  It’s a great post.  You should read it.

Even more… it’s a great conversation.  And you should join it.

What are you thoughts on the worship element of a kids experience?  (for the sake of this conversation we’ll define worship as the song & dance portion of the service)  

Has it been a struggle for you?  Does it come easily?  Or do you land somewhere in the middle depending on the weekend?

First, let me say… I completely understand.  I’ve had the benefit of leading groups as large as 120 kids in worship where the entire group is engaged.  An amazing experience!

I’ve also stopped worship mid-stream to have a ‘conversation’ with a group of kids to remind them of what behavior is appropriate and what is not.

Of all the elements within a kids experience, the worship portion feels like it can be such a moving target.  And though I’m always game for playing with what worship can look like… I never play with if we have it.  We will always have it.


Well… here was my comment on Joy’s post.

I sat with a gentleman several years ago who spent a decade in a satanic cult. For a year, he visited my church and sat in the lobby. According to his account, he was physically incapable of stepping across the threshold of the auditorium during the worship segment of the experience. While a room full of people sang out to God, he said, “That is the one time during the experience that is solely focused on God. It isn’t teaching about Him or collecting anything for Him… it’s singing directly to Him. And for someone in the occult, that was completely debilitating.” 

We underestimate the power of singing praises to God. I’ve learned in my own journey with Christ that I sing out & raise my hands not because I believe wholeheartedly. I sing out & raise my hands so that I CAN believe wholeheartedly. Worship is an integral part of speaking out what may not be true in my life so that it might become true.

Worship is a hill I’m willing to die on.  Because I’ve witnessed the beauty of kids in full worship.  Like a drug you can’t get enough of… it’s a high I’ll chase the rest of my life.

Please add Joy Bowen’s blog to your list of ‘must reads’.   It’s a critical conversation in the kidmin universe and your voice is important.  Speak up.

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The Tween Bridge – Merging Experiences

Posted by on Jun 1, 2011 in Leadership, Ministry

Tween ministry is a hot topic right now.  Publishing companies are producing curricula and churches are realigning staff and/or ministry approaches to better reach this age dynamic.  Many of us recognize there is a gap between elementary ministry and student ministry.  We seem to lose kids half-way through their 5th grade year.  Some resurface again in student ministries around 7th grade… but not all.  We’ve seen a similar trend at FPC and have made adjustments over the past two years to close the gap.

I think this year will be the best.  One week from today we launch a summer experience called Merge.  Merge is a Wednesday night worship service for rising 6th graders that lasts for 6 weeks.  At the end of the summer Merge culminates in an all-day event (Camp Toe Jam) that serves as the official ‘welcome’ to all brand new 6th graders entering Student Ministries.

Here are the reasons for Merge:

  • Once school ends for a 5th grader they no longer consider themselves 5th graders… if you ask them what grade they’re in they’ll tell you, “6th grade!”.  They no longer want to be in an experience defined for 5th graders.  No matter how much we change up the curriculum, activities or overall experience… we’re always battling a perception that this experience is no longer for a graduated 5th grader.
  • However, these brand new 6th graders are not ready for the Student Ministry experience.  They need those summer months to mature a little more.
  • We want more time to acclimate a rising 6th grader to the Student Ministry experience.  Our 4th/5th grade experience is a step up from K-3rd but a far cry from the Middle School venue.  Kids need time to get a feel for the Student Ministry experience, the shift in worship style and how to engage with it.
  • We have an opportunity to lead parents to a stronger partnership through the student ministry years if we start it off right.  Our Middle School pastor is one of the best Student Pastors I know.  He’s got great relationships and trust with his parents.  Creating a stronger bridge for the rising 6th grader fosters greater trust from the parents emotionally invested in that rising 6th grader.

I’m excited for next Wednesday night.  And I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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Speak the Truth with Boldness

Posted by on Apr 23, 2011 in Leadership, Ministry

One of the most valuable things I learned from Craig G. while on staff at LifeChurch.tv was how I approach teaching God’s Word.  I remember Craig’s strongest admonition when teach God’s Word is to step into the power it holds.  God’s word holds great power.  It accomplishes everything He sends it out to do. It possesses the power to transform hearts.

So, when sharing His Word… no matter the venue… no matter the audience…

Always, always, always speak His Word with boldness.

It is the Word of God.

Never apologize for it.  Never shy away from it.

I value that guidance.  It shapes the way I approach the 60 minutes I will have during each worship service at Faith Promise Church every weekend.  You see, God’s Word will be spoken to kids 2 years old all the way up to 5th grade in fpKIDS, as well as, in all adult worship services.

No matter the age, stage or season in life… God’s Word holds the power to transform the hearts of those that hear it.

My prayer every weekend is that every volunteer in my ministry would step into the moment and speak God’s Word with strength, power and boldness.

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