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The Eric Trap – Book Review

The Eric Trap – Book Review

This past week I’ve been reading The Eric Trap.  A kidmin fable written by a few of my favorite people in Children’s ministry.

The book is fun, easy read that taps into some common pitfalls in kids ministry.  Here are a few quotes I enjoyed..

“We have a tendency to isolate ourselves in our own world and ministry, and we forget our place.  We’re oon a team.  We’re working together.  We are working for our senior pastor.”

“Passion is a powerful force, one that we should ahve.  Without passion, we’re punching clocks until our ttime is up.  Passion will cause excellence, and learning to transfer our passion into volunteers and childdren will cause excellence to multiply… Passion is double sided though.  The same passion that drivves us toward excellence and love, can drive us into overworking and being totally stressed out.”

“As children’s ministers, we must give family members hope.”

The Eric Trap is a good, simple read with some challenging thoughts for those new to the kidmin world.  Here’s where you can get a copy.

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