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The funny thing about vision is that it doesn’t have to be all that profound… does it?  I think it just needs to be focused. 

I really don’t know.  I’m no expert.  I just live what I’ve learned.  There was a season in kids ministry at LifeChurch.tv (approximately 6 years ago) when our only vision for LifeKIDS was that the elementary programming simply wouldn’t suck anymore.  From that simplicity grew an incredible vision for capturing kids attention. 

I’m in a season of simplicity right now.  Looking toward the upcoming year, the only thing I want people to embrace is that a child’s relationship with Jesus matters.

Pretty simple.  Pretty straight forward.  Shape every communication, every conversation, every presentation around this one theme… a child’s relationship with Jesus matters.  They are not subordinate Christ-followers.  Just a little shorter than we are.  But the journey they’re on right now is just as important as ours.

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  1. I’m just getting involved in increased church leadership, involving kids programming and am looking to connect and get great ideas…I’ve enjoyed reading through your posts over the past months…would love to connect by email if possible. THANKS!!!

  2. Vision, how I miss being led by vision! Every so often, my manager will shoot some of it our way and it is so refreshing. Everyone needs to be reminded of what they are working for and why.

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