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The funny thing about vision is that it doesn’t have to be all that profound… does it?  I think it just needs to be focused. 

I really don’t know.  I’m no expert.  I just live what I’ve learned.  There was a season in kids ministry at LifeChurch.tv (approximately 6 years ago) when our only vision for LifeKIDS was that the elementary programming simply wouldn’t suck anymore.  From that simplicity grew an incredible vision for capturing kids attention. 

I’m in a season of simplicity right now.  Looking toward the upcoming year, the only thing I want people to embrace is that a child’s relationship with Jesus matters.

Pretty simple.  Pretty straight forward.  Shape every communication, every conversation, every presentation around this one theme… a child’s relationship with Jesus matters.  They are not subordinate Christ-followers.  Just a little shorter than we are.  But the journey they’re on right now is just as important as ours.