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I read a post the other day by Dave Ferguson.  He talks about a conversation he had with Shane Claiborne.

I appreciate Dave’s candor and openness with wrestling with Shane’s thoughts.  I, too, wrestle with Shane’s ideology.

But one thing I appreciate about Shane… he lives out what he believes.  More than most Christ-followers I know.  You don’t find that often.

There are lots of us with blogs talking about what we should be doing as Christ-followers while Shane is out feeding the homeless woman on the street corner.

There are 3 things Shane warns the church about.  Commuter mentality, political neutrality and Big Church vs. Small Church.

Read the post and join the conversation.  How would you respond?

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  1. Gina, thanks for posting this link. Speaking from the past year of being a part of an urban church plant, I can tell you it is nothing like my experience in the suburban church. It is an eclectic mix of people, experiences, and socio economic backgrounds.

    I would agree with Shane that church is best done at close proximity. It is easier to actually do life together when you have easy access to one another. We have a young lady living with us right now from our community and I can tell you it is much easier to be connected from a close proximity. This is true, I believe for an urban or suburban context.

    As far as the political ideology, I would say get to know people before you make a decision. Put a face on immigration, homelessness, addiction, homosexuality or whatever the issue may be before you sit back and make judgment. Again we must be in close proximity to different kinds of people to get to know them.

    As far as size goes, my feeling is size is not the issue, size is the issue. What I mean by that is when we start to focus on growth and not transformation things seem to get messed up.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Ryan, I love what God is doing through you and Jenn right now.

    Shane is one of those people God is using to ruin me. Ruin my comfortable plan for following Jesus. His thoughts on commuter mentality resonate with me a little differently than what you present. I’m more motivated today to dig into the lives of those right next door to me, developing a relationship and meeting their needs. Through that I will experience Jesus and grow in relationship with Him more than bargained for. Without that I only limit my opportunities to experience Him.

    Regarding political neutrality… I agree. Tough to stay neutral when it’s personal. Put a face on it and suddenly you find yourself taking a stand.

    Size? I think there is power in numbers. Synergy, resources, etc. But focus it on growing deeper in whatever way God directs rather than growing big for the sake of growing big.

    Anyone else willing to dive into this convo?

  3. Shane’s book really challenged me to really think about how I live out the love of Christ.

    Although I agree with quite a bit of what he said, I don’t think God calls every Christian to do what he has done.

    God meets people where they are at which means (to me anyway) Christians need to be able to meet people in the same way. Not all people live in urban areas and have the same needs that those Shane lives with do. Soccer moms still need Jesus. 😉

    Good link! Thanks for posting…it still has me thinking.

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